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Police stand by as anti-mandate protests continue to grip OttawaLaw enforcement in Ottawa appeared helpless on Saturday as vaccine mandate protesters shrugged off the threat of arrest and jail time and pressed on with their raucous demonstration in the city's downtown core.

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Protesters are dug in despite state of emergency, increased penalties

John Paul Tasker, Christian Paas-Lang · CBC News(CBC)

Speaking to reporters on Friday, Trudeau said Ottawa's call for help is being "carefully examined" by "experts within the RCMP leadership."

Trudeau said Ottawa police already have enough manpower to put an end to these protests. "I don't accept the contention that the city of Ottawa has exhausted its tools and its resources," he said.

As for criticism that he hasn't done enough to quell unrest in the nation's capital, Trudeau said the federal government will help where appropriate but added it's largely a job for local authorities.

WATCH: Protesters in Ottawa not going anywhere: 

Protesters in Ottawa not going anywhere

1 day agoDuration 4:54Trucks continue to block streets in downtown Ottawa, with their horns blasting in defiance of a court injunction, as the protest against COVID-19 public health rules stretches into its third weekend. Ottawa police say their officers were overwhelmed by aggressive behaviour from demonstrators on Friday night.4:54

Michael Kempa, a criminology professor at the University of Ottawa, said early police inaction has fuelled this movement as demonstrators now feel emboldened to do whatever they want.

"They bungled it. They could've acted earlier," he said of Ottawa police.

But Kempa reserved his harshest criticism for the officials charged with preventing this sort of chaos in the first place.

"The political leadership and the security apparatus of this country are really the forces to blame. Nobody was prepared for this challenge to our national security," he said.

Provincial state of emergency declared

Ontario Premier Doug Ford declared a state of emergency in the province on Friday, in response to the protests against public health measures related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Ford said he would meet with his cabinet to enact orders meant to protect critical infrastructure.

"Fines for non-compliance will be severe, with a maximum penalty of $100,000 and up to a year imprisonment. We will also provide additional authority to consider taking away the personal and commercial licences of anyone who doesn't comply with these orders," the premier said.

WATCH | Ontario premier declares state of emergency: 

Ontario declares state of emergency, many protesters remains defiant

2 days agoDuration 3:21Ontario Premier Doug Ford has declared a state of emergency as anti-vaccine mandate demonstrations continue to cause disruptions, but at the Ambassador Bridge in Windsor, Ont. many protesters are still refusing to leave.News|Corrections and Clarifications


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