Watch a ‘wild’ waterspout make landfall as a tornado at a Florida beach resort_best freckle removal uk

Madeleine Marr·1 min read

Beachgoers must have felt like they were in the middle of a disaster movie Saturday in Southwest Florida during a burst of stormy weather.

Video taken near the Lani Kai Resort in Fort Myers Beach show a massive water spout churning toward shore, knocking down chairs, tables and other objects in its path.

Crazy Waterspout in #FortMyers #Florida today. Minor injuries reported at the Lani Kai Beach resort. #Flwx #Tornado @stormwx1

— Luke (@lukeincanada) March 12, 2022

In a quick clip taken by an onlooker and posted from the Twitter account @lukeincanada, some people just stand there as the rotating spray rushes through. Others run for cover, screaming.

The National Weather Service confirmed the whirling column of water had moved onshore around noon as “a weak tornado” that had peak winds of about 65 mph.

According to the National Ocean Service, the best way to avoid being hurt during weather like this is to try to navigate away. Move at a 90-degree angle to the spout’s apparent direction.

UPDATE: @NWSTampaBay confirms a waterspout pushed onshore and briefly became an EF-0 tornado on Fort Myers Beach around 12:09 PM. Minor damage reported to Lani Kai before dissipating. Trust @WINKNews as your #1 source for weather in Southwest Florida.

— Matt Devitt (@MattDevittWINK) March 12, 2022

“Never move closer to investigate,” the federal agency warned.


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