Daughter of Hefner's best friend claims Playboy had 'shadow mansions'_freckle removal cream hydroquinone

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Daughter of Hugh Hefner's best friend claims Playboy had 'shadow mansions' where sex abuse was rampant

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On Monday's episode of Secrets of Playboy, Jennifer Saginor, the daughter of Dr. Mark Saginor, who was Hugh Hefner's personal physician and best friend for 40 years, continued to share her horrifying story.

According to Jennifer, men from within Hefner's inner circle created what were known as "shadow mansions," which were mini-mansions that housed girls who didn't make the cut to be a Playmate.

Jennifer explained, "My father and the inner circle from Playboycreated clones of the Playboy Mansion on a smaller scale to sort of lure these young girls in. It was very predatory. These young girls have no idea what's gonna hit them next."

"By shadow mansion, I mean that these men in Hef's inner circle would try to emulate what he created in his own empire at the Playboy Mansion," Jennifer explained. "And they would have smaller versions of the Playboy Mansions, which I would refer to as mini-mansions. They would house these young girls who would come to Los Angeles looking for opportunities to become actresses or models."

Jennifer also shared that one of the first shadow mansions was owned by businessman Bernie Cornfeld. One Playmate from the '70s revealed in the Secrets of Playboy episode that, under the guise of being a "modeling agency," Bernie had a dormitory upstairs, where he would invite the young women to live in his home.

"By the time I understood what was going on at Grayhall, it had already been going on for some time," said Sharmagne Leland-St.John. "Bernie, he would go prowling at night. He'd go prowling up in the dormitory and be having sex with the girls up there. I realized that the modeling agency apparently fronted for Bernie's sexual appetite. So, if you moved into the house, you became prey. You became one of his next conquests."

I just remember walking in on them and being, like, horrified. These girls were clearly drugged and not coherent.Jennifer Saginor


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