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Survivor 's First Castaway Asked to Leave the Island After Shocking Confession

Cydney Contreras·4 min read

A Survivor contestant's journey has come to an end before it could even really start.

In the two-hour season 42 premiere on Wednesday, March 9, tears were shed, a shoulder was dislocated and a castaway was sent packing. Suffice to say, it was one of Survivor's most dramatic premieres ever.

The episode kicked off like any other, with the Taku tribe chatting around the campfire during their first night on the island. During the discussion, healthcare worker Jackson Foxshared that he initially auditioned for Survivor as a female, before undergoing gender confirmation surgery. And though his parents previously opposed his decision, they got to know the real him when he moved home to care for his terminally ill mother.

"My father would ask me, 'Why'd your mother get sick?'" Jackson privately explained to the cameras. "And I'd say, 'Well, I think this was the plan. You and I got a relationship and Mom got to know who I was.'"

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He added that his experience prepared him for the competition, explaining, "Survivormakes you take everything and peel it off, be vulnerable and open and for me, that's a huge testament for someone who's always hid who I was. My goal is to get to a million dollars, but if that doesn't happen, the fact that I tried it is a huge testament to someone who hid their whole life."

But Jackson's journey was cut short when Jeff Probstshowed up the next morning to ask why he chose to share an important detail in his medical history, which needs to be accurate and complete, 24 hours before they started filming. When Probst broached the situation with Jackson, the contestant came right out and admitted that he'd been taking lithium to cope with anxiety over his mother's illness, but didn't tell producers "because I was trying to just quit it completely because I didn't need it anymore."


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