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May the old gods and the new bless George R.R. Martin, a man who scratched his A Song of Ice and Fire itch through HBO’s Game of Thronesseries and now would rather work on anything else. In a new post on his blog, the author admitted that he hasn’t made much progress on the long-gestating sixth book in the series, The Winds of Winter, but he did gush about all the projects he finds more exciting, especially the more than five new HBO shows in development.

“I know, I know, for many of you out there, only one of those projects matters, Martin wrote. “I am sorry for you. They ALLmatter to me.” He added, “Yes, of course I am still working on The Winds of Winter,” the follow-up to A Dance with Dragons which has been in progress since at least 2011. “I have stated that a hundred times in a hundred venues, having to restate it endlessly is just wearisome.”

That doesn’t mean it’s close to finished. While insisting that he made “a lotof progress on Windsin 2020,” he unfortunately wrote “less in 2021… but ‘less’ is not ‘none.'” And with that out of the way, Martin moved on to his shiny new toys.

Up first is House of the Dragon, the prequel series expected later this year. HBO has already shared a teaser trailer, and Martin previously confirmed that Season 1 had wrapped filming. “What I have seen, I have loved,” he wrote in his new blog. “I am eager to see more.”

Martin also gave updates on the many, many projects still in development. Last year, HBO announced three such series: 9 Voyages, 10,000 Ships, and a story set in Flea Bottom. It’s unclear if the last one is ongoing, but the other two are making progress.” Bruno Heller, the creator and showrunner of Rome, is writing his pilot script for the Corlys Velaryon series,” Martin said. “That one started out as Nine Voyages, but now we’re calling it The Sea Snake, since we wanted to avoid having two shows with numbers in the title.” He also mentioned “Ten Thousand Shipsthe Nymeria series. Amanda Segel, our showrunner, has delivered a couple drafts of that one, and we are forging ahead.”


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