Miss Alabama Zoe Bethel ingested substance, fell off balcony in ‘tragic accident,’ police say_freckle removal wellington

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The beauty queen was reportedly overheard praying before the fall that led to her death.

New details have emerged about the circumstances leading to the death of Miss Alabama for America Strong 2021, Zoe Sozo Bethel, who died from severe injuries sustained after a fall from a balcony of a Miami condo building last month.

The specific events related to the tragedy come fromThe Daily Mail, which states it obtained a police report from the City of Miami Police Department. TheGriopreviously reported that Bethel was injured when she sustained life-threatening injuries from an unspecified accident on Feb. 10 and slipped into a coma.

According to the Daily Mail, Bethel allegedly took an “unknown amount of unknown suspected narcotics” while at a restaurant with brother, Santiago Roman, and later behaved erratically.

Pageant queen Zoe Sozo sustained life-threatening injuries on Feb. 10. (Photo: Screenshot/Instagram)
Pageant queen Zoe Sozo sustained life-threatening injuries on Feb. 10. (Photo: Screenshot/Instagram)

The Christian beauty queen ingested “a mystery cannabis substance” in the hours before she ran at “full speed” towards a balcony railing on the third floor of her brother’s apartment building, according to the Daily Mail‘s account of the police report. Bethel was reportedly overheard praying with another brother who was on the phone with her before the accident, the article states.

Roman, who witnessed the fall, said his sister would not have intentionally jumped to her death. According to a document published by the Daily Mail and identified as the police report, Bethel was pacing in the hallway of his building, and when he tried to summon her back into his apartment, she ran in the opposite direction.

“Mr. Roman called out the victim’s name to tell her to get back inside. The victim looked back and took off running full speed straight ahead. Mr. Roman stated that the victim was not aware of the balcony railing in front of her,” the post report states. “The victim’s bottom part of her body hit the railing and she fell over, landing on the first-floor parking lot. Mr. Roman ran down to the first-floor parking lot,” it concluded, “and observed the victim bleeding from the head and nose.”


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