My boyfriend hasn't taken me on a date in 4 years and refuses to be intimate. When do I end it?_freckle removal for dark skin

Morgan Absher, USA TODAY·5 min read

Question:"My boyfriend and I have been dating for six years now. We started dating in grade 11, but we’ve basically been better together since grade 8. We even went to university together and now share an apartment. He is a great guy, and has always been my best friend, even before we started dating.

When we started dating it was amazing. He was the most romantic and best boyfriend ever. I was obsessed with him and felt like the luckiest girl in the world. That being said, as time went on and we went to university, he stopped wanting to be intimate with me as much as usual, stopped buying me flowers, hasn’t taken me on a date in about four years and rarely compliments me. Any time we are intimate it’s because I’m initiating it, and most times he will shut me down about four times before agreeing and wanting to do anything.

I have bawled my eyes out and talked to him about it probably over 75 times over the last four years, even asking him if he’s still into me and saying if not, he should just leave me. He always answers that he’s so in love with me and thinks I’m so beautiful and apparently loves being intimate with me, but has a bad way of showing it. Apparently, mentally for him he finds doing anything romantic with me very hard because he’s just not good at it, which I know is a lie because the first two years of dating, he was something out of a movie with how cute and romantic he was. I really don’t know what to do anymore. Other than all the romantic and intimacy issues, we get along great, and when we are intimate it is good. I just feel I shouldn’t always be the one initiating it.

Should I walk away? My boyfriend moved in after just a few months and then totally changed.

I feel like his lack of romance has given me doubts and driven me to have body issues and be somewhat insecure. At this point I’m not sure what to do as I’ve told him how I feel and it’s always “I’m working on it,” but there has been little-to-no progress, and I’m not sure I can continue to feel this way for another year. What should I do?"


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