After seeing how gas stoves pollute homes, these researchers are ditching theirs_laser freckle removal recovery

After seeing how gas stoves pollute homes, these researchers are ditching theirsGas stoves produce more indoor air pollutants than even some scientists expected. After taking measurements, many of those researchers are installing electric stoves — and warning the public about the health risks of cooking with gas.

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Burning natural gas generates high levels of nitrogen oxides, linked to asthma in children

Emily Chung · CBC News(Tara Kahan)

Kahan immediately applied the new knowledge to her own life.

"After that, as soon as it was feasible, I switched from a gas stove to [electric] induction," she said.

She's not the only one.

Rob Jackson, professor of environmental sciences at Stanford University, co-authored a recent study that found gas stoves leak unexpectedly high levels of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, even when they're off— and they generate significant levels of indoor air pollution.

What he found pushed him to work on electrifying his home too. 

His gas stove has an electric oven, but it doesn't seem possible to swap out just the burners. 

"I am reluctant to throw away a perfectly good electric oven," he said. "But we're going to do that."

The combined health and climate impacts of stoves are also starting to catch the attention of celebrity chefs, such as John Horne, Angus An and John Kung, who have become evangelists for electric induction stoves in a field where gas stoves were once considered an essential tool for anyone serious about cooking.

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