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Proposed anti-trans laws show anti-LGBT groups are 'running out of ideas': advocateMultiple U.S. states have introduced bills that would prevent trans youth from accessing gender-affirming care.

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Several states reviewing bills that criminalize provision of gender-affirming health care

CBC Radio(Submitted by Elijah Bayy)

Bills 'scary and stressful' for trans kids

In Alabama, 18-year-old Elijah Baay says they feel lucky to have had a lot of support when they came out as non-binary — but they worry about the impact of the Alabama bill on younger people.

"I think mostly this has been harmful to people who are not out yet, because it is spreading a lot of misinformation to parents who may or may not be supportive," Baay said. 

"It is difficult for them to convince their parents, like, no, the legislator is not correct in this situation."

Oakley echoed those concerns, saying "trans kids are being really impacted by this legislation, even if it doesn't pass, the conversation is scary and stressful and othering."

Baay was intending to undergo top surgery this year before starting college. If the bill passes, they may travel out of state for the procedure, but said "that just adds another layer of complication to all of it."

WATCH | Arkansas ban leaves families with difficult choice

Arkansas ban on gender-affirming care for minors leaves families with difficult choice

11 months agoDuration 5:16Some families of transgender kids in Arkansas fear they will be forced to leave the state if they want their children to keep receiving hormone treatments or puberty blockers after a ban on those treatments for minors.Anti-trans views are worryingly prevalent and disproportionately harmful, community and experts warn


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