Gas prices are surging, but these tips could save you money at the pump_freckle removal procedure

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Gas prices are surging, but these tips could save you money at the pump

Lifestyle expert Anna De Souza shares her tips for saving money at the pump. From a fresh air filter to an energy-saving solar charger, shop these expert-approved picks below.

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Video Transcript

ANNA DE SOUZA: Gas prices have seen a steep hike all over the country. And it's driving us crazy. Experts can't predict when gas prices will stabilize. But we spoke with auto experts and rounded up top-rated tips to help you save money at the pump.


Being able to monitor gas usage in real time can have a direct effect on fuel economy. This programmable 3-in-1 auto scanner tracks fuel consumption, cost per mile, engine speed, horsepower, and more. It also can check diagnostic trouble codes. And if it's something minor, you can save money and bypass the mechanic.

Most gasoline already has cleaning additives in it. But auto experts agree that adding some fuel system cleaner once in a while can help with some of the more stubborn dirt, making fuel injectors spray better. This option here has over 10,000 positive ratings and can add fuel stability for up to one whole year.

Experts recommend replacing air filters, even if they're only slightly dirty. You may even improve gas mileage by 10%. FRAM Extra Guard air filters are highly rated, easy to install, and provide a secure and tight fit that will protect your engine and limit wear. But the best part-- you can snag them for under $20.

Under-inflated tires are not only a safety hazard, it actually leads to poor gas mileage since it takes more energy to keep the wheels turning. First, you can find your car's ideal pressure right on the inside of the driver's door jam. Then you can use this highly rated digital pressure gauge to check the level. The lighted nozzle helps you position quickly right on the valve. And the one-button design makes it so easy to use.


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