A Mom Wants to Change Her Child’s ‘NSFW’ Last Name — And Reddit Rallies Behind Her_laser freckle removal recovery

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A mom turned to Reddit’s Am I The A**holeforum about changing her son’s NSFW last name — and she’s gotten full support. For context, his last name is C**ks (like Cox, only … not) and he inherited it from his father, who isn’t really involved in the child’s life.

“My ex and I got divorced when my son was 18 months old,” she explained. “When it came down to splitting custody, I offered my ex a reasonable visitation schedule based on our son’s age. My ex declined it, stating he ‘gets bored with him’ and just wanted a 4 hour visit on Sunday mornings.”

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The Reddit user noted that her ex-husband hardly sees their child and usually returns him earlier than was agreed upon. Since the divorce, she’s gotten re-married and has taken her wife’s last name. Now, she wants her son to do the same. “My son is to the age now where he’s starting to get confused why he doesn’t have the same last name as my wife and I,” she said. “We are also planning on having another child together, which will obviously take our last name as well. On top of this, with my son’s last name being so phallic, he’s been targeted by bullies at school ALREADY, even though he’s only 9 years old.”

The ex-husband is refusing this idea, declaring that “it’s his right as a man to have offspring with his last name.” (Ugh.) He also claimed that changing the last name could effect his relationship with his son. “I want to change my child’s last name against ‘tradition’ of him having his father’s last name,” the Reddit user countered. “Despite his dad saying no, I want to continue to try to move forward with the process and worry that he could be right and I may actually be damaging his relationship with my son.”

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The overwhelming consensus was change that last name, and change it now. “For someone who doesn’t bother to play any active part in his son’s life, your ex has a lot to say regarding this,” one person wrote. “NTA. You’ve done the polite thing, which is ask. If you can legally change it without his input, go ahead!”


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