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'Punky Brewster'star Soleil Moon Fryewill get almost $40,000 a month in support from her ex-husband, including royalties from her popular 1980s TV series. According to legal documents, obtained by The Blast, the couple has just finalized a financial and property settlement in their ongoing divorce, including amounts to be paid for spousal support, child support, and a split of their Hollywood residuals. In the settlement, Punky will receive $18,996 a month in spousal support, along with another $17,281 a month for child support. Soleil and ex-husband, Jason Goldberg, share four minor children. As we reported, SMF filed for divorce in 2020 after 22 years of marriage. Interestingly, the documents state that Goldberg rakes in over $160,000 a month in income, and SMF's are just over $8,000 a month.

'Punky Brewster' Star Will Recieve An 'Equalization' Payment of $600K

Soleil Moon Frye Gets All Her 'Punky Brewster' Money In Divorce Settlement

The former couple has agreed to share joint custody of the children. But, the family dog -- Bello -- is going to be paid for and cared for by Moon Frye. The good news, the doggie will be able to travel with the kids while they stay at dad's house. Along with the support, a one-time equalization payment will be made by Goldberg to Moon Frye in the amount of $631,000. The whopping payment represents the ex-couple's community property in several Los Angeles homes. As for Punky, she is living in the couple's Venice Beach property, and they are selling the family home in the Hollywood Hills. As for the cars, Punky will keep the Chevy Suburban, and he will get the Land Rover.

Soleil Moon Frye Keeping All Of Her 'Punky Brewster' Royalties

Soleil Moon Frye Gets All Her 'Punky Brewster' Money In Divorce Settlement

In many celebrity divorce cases, the court will decide how the royalties will be divided between two parties. In this case, Soleil Moom Frye will keep her interest in the 'Punky Brewster' TV series from (1984 to 1988). Interestingly, her ex-husband will get HALF of all royalties from the new version of the show which aired in 2021 -- plus, any future seasons/episodes. It should be noted, that the agreement puts a cap on the amount of support that can be paid in the future based on either party making huge amounts of money. "No spousal support shall be payable on any income either party earns over $2 million in a year. By way of example, if Respondent earns $2.4 million in a year, his income shall be capped at S2 million for the purpose of determining spousal support owed to Petitioner," it says. Must be nice.


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