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Mom forgets it’s picture day, sends 3-year-old to school wearing unfortunate shirt: ‘If you ever thought you were a bad mom’

Cassie Morris·3 min read

A mom sent her toddler to school wearing a very “sassy” T-shirt, and over 20,000 TikTokers have very strong opinions about it.

Mom and TikToker Paige (@paigepuhlease) gained over 16 million views and tens of thousands of comments when she uploaded the video to her account.

Now, much like the mom who was mortified to discover her thong had been stuck to her child’s Velcro shoe all day long, Paige’s school day mishap is cracking people up around the world — and causing controversy as well.

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The video — captioned, “Well… should I order some prints, or what?” — starts off with Paige looking absolutely horrified as the TikTok-famous song “Oh No” by Kreepa plays in the background.

“If you ever thought you were a bad mom,” her onscreen text reads. “At least you didn’t forget picture day and send your toddler to school in this…”

The video then cuts to her 3-year-old’s photo proofs. In each picture, the little girl is smiling into the camera, happily striking different poses. The only problem? She’s wearing a shirt that seemsto read “A


Unfortunately, due to her daughter’s scrunched little shoulders, the actual text — “Sasshole” — was distorted, making for a hilarious but slightly controversial school photo.

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“I would be putting this on my greeting cards…”

Thousands of TikTokers weighed in on the mom’s video in the comment section. Some thought the photos were hilarious, while others criticized the mom’s wardrobe choice.

“Order prints. She [will] need a laugh when she’s older. Right now, she has no clue. I just wonder what the photographer was thinking,” one user laughed.

“I would be putting this on my greeting cards, lol,” another tickled viewer wrote.

“Best thing I’ve ever seen! Her cheeky smile makes it so much better,” one comment read.


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