People Are Sharing "Unwritten Rules" Of European Culture And As An American, I'm Low_laser freckle removal glasgow

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Every country has its own handbook of "unspoken rules" and unless you're wholly familiar with a country's culture, you might be in for a surprise or two when visiting.

I stumbled upon this Reddit thread where Redditor u/CoffeeBoy88 asked the question, "What is something weird about Europe that Europeans don’t realize is weird?" Let's just say based on the many responses in the thread, I learned A LOT about European culture. Here are some of the responses.

1."Paying to go to use a public bathroom in certain European cities. It’s absolutely wild that you have to pay money to use the toilet."


2."In Germany, the idea is that you can rent an apartment and you have to BUY the kitchen separately. Otherwise, you get an apartment with no kitchen. Like, WTF. It's like selling a jacket but saying you gotta pay extra for the sleeves."


3."The UK has 30 accents per square mile."

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4."Norwegians don't close their curtains when it gets dark."


5."How incredibly inconsequential it is to cross country borders. I cycled through France to Belgium to the Netherlands and there is barely even a sign to let you know which country you're entering."


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6."You drive five hours in the US and you’re basically still in the same place. You drive five hours in Europe and everyone’s talking different and even the cheese is different."

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7."The absolute lack of air conditioning even at 40 degrees Celsius, 104 degrees Fahrenheit. German transport gets sticky and stinky quite fast and nobody seems to care, many people even shut the windows to avoid the 'annoying breeze.'"


8."Finnish people are silent — small talk doesn't exist. Don't speak unless spoken to or don't invade other people's personal space. It's seen as a sign of disrespect."

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