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Rachel Hosie beach weight loss
Rachel Hosie in October 2018 and July 2020.Rachel Hosie
  • Losing weight requires being in a calorie deficit, whether you count calories or not.

  • When I lost 35 pounds three years ago, I made simple adjustments to how I ate that didn't leave me feeling deprived.

  • Try swapping pork sausages for turkey or crisps for salted popcorn.

Losing weight requires eating in a calorie deficit, which means consuming less energy than you burn through your daily life and exercise.

Rachel Hosie in 2018 and 2021.
Rachel Hosie in 2018 (left) and 2021.Rachel Hosie

You don't need to count calories, but it worked for me when I lost 35 pounds three years ago, and have kept it off since.

Losing fat doesn't require cutting out any specific foods, it's about managing your overall food intake.

Experts don't recommend restricting your diet either by eating too little or cutting out your favorite foods altogether.

"It is important that you don't drastically drop your calories too low so you can sustain this while feeling energetic and remaining healthy with a strong immune system," personal trainer Hayley Madigan previously told Insider.

Fat loss coach Jordan Syatt previously told Insider he suggests aiming for 2-6 lbs a month.

When I want to lose weight, I make simple food swaps that help me reduce my calories while still keeping me satisfied.

1. Greek yogurt for sour cream

Add some Greek yogurt to your fajitas.Getty

Next time you make fajitas, swap out the sour cream for fat-free Greek yogurt: The former is 187 calories per 100ml, compared to 54 calories for the yogurt.

2. Bagel thins for bagels

A bagel with yogurt on the side.
A bagel and yogurt bowl is a staple breakfast.Rachel Hosie

Bagel thins are exactly what they sound like: thinner bagels, and they're still delicious. While an average bagel is usually 230-300 calories, bagel thins usually come in at around 130, saving you at least 100 calories.

Some people recommend swapping out bread for rice cakes, but I personally find rice cakes not very tasty, and thinner slices of bread are more satisfying to me.

3. Powdered peanut butter for regular

Spiced apple baked oats
Spiced apple baked oats with peanut butter.Rachel Hosie

Powdered peanut butter is essentially peanut butter with the oil removed. You simply mix it with a little water until you reach your desired consistency.


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