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Secret negotiations, endless crisis management: How the '72 Summit Series became realityAn insider account of the intrigue on and off the ice that surrounded the famous Canada-Russia hockey series of 1972, written by former diplomat Gary J. Smith.

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'Ice War Diplomat' is a fresh look at the iconic Canada-Russia hockey series

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It went downhill from there. A delayed goal light crossed some bare wires inside Alan Eagleson. He jumped up and made for the timekeeper's box. A line of Russian militiamen decided to remove Eagleson from the arena:

"Mahovlich, without hesitating, scaled the boards with his stick raised. Everyone from the bench, players in uniform and some not, coaches and trainers alike, arrived like the cavalry, and soon Eagleson was on the ice and being escorted to the Canadian bench. Various hand gestures were made along the way to the crowd in general, most noticeably by Eagleson, his assistant Mike Cannon, and Team Canada trainer Joe Skro.

The Soviet crowd was stunned and silent. They had never seen anything like it in their controlled environment. The Canadian fans started up with the "Da, Da, Canada. Nyet, Nyet, Soviet" chant. External Affairs Under Secretary Ed Ritchie buried his head in his hands."

When play resumed, Henderson replaced Peter Mahovlich. He, Cournoyer, and Esposito streak into the Soviet zone. Henderson gets in front of the net, Esposito passes, Henderson shoots. Tretiak rebounds. Henderson shoots again. 

"Henderson has scored for Canada."

Final score, 6–5 for Canada.

WATCH | Paul Henderson scores in Canada-Soviet hockey series:

Paul Henderson scores in Canada-Soviet hockey series

50 years agoDuration 8:48On Sept. 28, 1972, the country's largest TV audience ever watches their hero Paul Henderson score an epoch-making goal.Willie O'Ree looked past and fought through racism to become NHL's 1st Black player


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