Adidas Introducing Extensive Sports Bra Collection_freckle removal arms

Jean E. Palmieri·6 min read

Adidas continues to expand its product offerings for women.

On Valentine’s Day, the German sports company will unveil a sports bra collection designed to fit every shape and size of female athlete. It will include 43 styles and 73 sizes across 18 product franchises and is intended to address the impact poor breast support has on female sports participation and performance.

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Adidas’ new sports bra collection was created in partnership with the University of Portsmouth, an independent research body based in the U.K. that specializes in breast biomechanics. Studies have shown that inadequate support leads to movement-related breast pain in nearly half of female respondents and more than 90 percent of women are believed to be wearing the wrong size sports bra. In addition, according to the university, if breasts are not supported properly during running, they experience the same G force as an F1 driver and could undergo potentially damaging skin stretch.

To address these issues, Adidas has revamped its sports bra portfolio to cater to more body types and workout needs. They are now categorized into Everyday bras for lounging and gentle movement; Studio for yoga, Pilates and other low-impact activities; Train for enhanced support during more-intense sports, and Run, models that offer the highest level of support.

Jessamyn Stanley in one of Adidas’ yoga-specific bra.
Jessamyn Stanley in one of Adidas’ yoga-specific bra.

Amy Charlton, senior director of product at Adidas, said: “There is a sizable data gap when it comes to sports bra development, so we worked with experts in breast health, University of Portsmouth, to challenge ourselves and drive forward our innovation to better meet the needs of our female athletic community. The wrong sports bra can have a serious impact on performance and efficiency — for example, if you run a marathon, unsupported breasts travel an extra four miles on their own. It was a significant undertaking with an all-female team of designers, testers and experts, and we hope this collection will help more sports bra wearers experience the benefits of added support and a better fit, and not be held back when doing the sports they love.”


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