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How a former Trump official wound up at Ottawa's convoy protestA former Trump administration official who clashed with colleagues in Washington over views on the pandemic fell outside the scientific consensus has found allies at the vaccine-mandate protest in Ottawa.

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Paul Alexander, who clashed with colleagues in Washington, finds allies at vaccine-mandate protest

Alexander Panetta · CBC News(Blair Gable/Reuters)

One jurisdiction after another has credited COVID-19 vaccines with reducing hospitalizations and mortality. The latest numbersfrom New York state suggest unvaccinated people test positive at a rate almost nine times higher and are 15 times likelier to be hospitalized from COVID-19.

In Canada, since last October, more than 8,000 people have died and unvaccinated people suffered deaths and hospitalizations at a rate several times higher than those who were vaccinated.

Alexander made clear that he supports other vaccines: "I am not an anti-vaxxer. I am for vaccines. My kids are vaccinated. … It's [just] these vaccines," he said.

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He's been professionally shunned

Alexander was among the political appointees in the Trump administration who clashed with colleagues over their starkly opposing views of the pandemic.

He says his life was upended as a result. He left the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in 2020 after only a few months in the role. McMaster University, where he earned a PhD in health-research methods in 2015, has severed ties with him.

"It has been devastating," Alexander told CBC News.

He ascribes his shunning to his claims that vaccines don't work as well as advertised, that their long-term effects are unknown, that some people have been hurt by them, and that lockdowns were a catastrophe.

According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an extremely small percentage of vaccinations have coincided with fatalities.

He wanted to test herd immunity

Alexander and his Trump administration allies bickeredwith other officials over his push for a completely different strategy, involving so-called herd immunity. Alexander's preferred plan was to keep things open, let low-risk people get infected, try isolating high-risk people, and in cases of serious illness, prescribe cocktails of existing anti-viral drugs.

In an interview, he called himself a non-partisan and said he hopes to see Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's government succeed, though he used the prime minister's recent COVID-19 diagnosis to question the efficacy of vaccines.

"[Trudeau] is triple vaccinated and masked to his eyeballs," he said.

He said he won't stay much longer in Ottawa as he needs to get back to his home in Washington, D.C.

U.S. politicians now involved

Alexander's involvement with the pandemic-protest movement on both sides of the border illustrates the increasingly international nature of the convoy event.

Questions about it are becoming a daily occurrence at White House briefings, as protesters restrict traffic at the busiest Canada-U.S. border crossing.

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The political support in the U.S. includes several Republican-led state governments. Some are threatening investigations into a company that cancelled a protest fundraising campaign.

Texas, for example, has launched an investigation into GoFundMe for shutting down a fundraising campaign for the Ottawa protest. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton sent the company a legal letterasking for 29 types of documents, including the company's communications with Canadian police and the U.S. and Canadian governments.

He also asked for documents to identify Texas donors who donated to the convoy, which would begin to address the unanswered question of how much funding for the protest came from abroad. 

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