Cara Delevingne Has Become Hollywood’s Weirdest—and Most Unwelcome—Party Girl_freckle removal cream boots

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  • Cara DelevingneCara DelevingneEnglish fashion supermodel, actress, singer and socialite
Edward Berthelot
Edward Berthelot

At last night’s Billboard Music Awards, a small handful of A-List stars and chart-topping musicians crowded into the same room as TikTokers, YouTubers, and a country music star on an attempted comeback tour after a leaked racist rant. To say the bar was on the floor when whipping up that invite list would be a massive understatement, but for the BBMAs, it totally tracks.

If the Golden Globes are Hollywood’s chaotic, drunken answer to the Oscars, then the Billboard Music Awards are that to the Grammys, turned up to an 11 when the ceremony takes place each May as spring turns into early summer and everybody—even celebrities, who are just like us—are feeling their most anxious to get out and turn up.

But no one was more ready for a night of debauchery than England’s premiere party girl, Cara Delevingne: sometimes-model, occasional actress, New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ dancefloor buddy, and a perennial tornado of tumult.

Fresh off of sending everyone at the Met Gala home with mysterious gold streaks on their person after she showed up on the carpet covered in sparkling golden body paint for her uninspired take on “Gilded Glamour,” Delevingne was at it again at the Billboard Music Awards. After all, Delevingne has no vested interest in who wins or who loses, so why not take the opportunity to get a little wild? She’s never turned down the invitation before!

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Things began early in the night on the BBMAs’ plush gray carpet. One of the few truly big stars sprinkled among the dregs of internet-famous invitees was Megan Thee Stallion, the industry powerhouse and disarming charmer nominated for Top Rap Female Artist. As Megan walked the carpet, strutting and posing, E! Newscameras captured an impish supermodel peering out from behind the step-and-repeat, muttering indistinguishable nothings as Megan grabbed the train of her custom Mugler dress and threw it in the air so the photographers could capture some much-needed movement and drama.


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