Teen Accused Of Trying To Kill Jogger So He Could Keep His Body 'To Play With'_freckle removal sydney

Gina Tron·2 min read

A Florida teenager is accused of tracking the movements of a man who regularly jogged past his home with the intention of killing him and keeping his corpse in his closet “to play with.”

Logan Smith, 18, was arrested on Monday and charged with one count of attempted murder in connection with the failed strangling of the victim near Smith's Cocoa home, according to an arrest report from the Brevard County Sheriff's Office, obtained by Orlando outlet WOFL reports.

One week before his arrest, Smith had allegedly collected an arsenal of so-called weapons from his home: an aerosol Axe deodorant can, a rubber mallet and the belt of a robe before lying in wait for the victim.

"The defendant walked directly across his street where he hid behind a light pole,” the arrest report states. “He placed the mallet and the Axe aerosol on the ground next to him while he waited for the [victim] to come running down the street as he did regularly for exercise. The defendant waited for the victim to run past the light pole and proceeded to run after him.The defendant then tossed the clothing robe belt over the victim's head until it was around the front area of the victim's neck."

However, the victim was able to overpower Smith with martial arts, according to investigators.

In a post-attack interview, Smith allegedly told investigators that he had been monitoring the victim’s routine for about six weeks. He allegedly claimed he finally decided to kill him after watching “Scream,” Fox 35 in Orlando reports. Investigators say that Smith intended to use the Axe spray in the jogger’s eyes as a way to disable him.

"He further planned to place the victim's body into his closet where the defendant stated no one would know, and the defendant could have the victim's body all to himself,” the arrest report states. “The defendant stated that he also planned to play with the victim to fulfill his sexual fantasies.”

Smith is being held without bond. It’s not clear if he has an attorney.


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