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Recently, we rounded up disturbing facts from this Reddit thread, and people were pretty horrified! In case you couldn't get enough, we're back with more! Here are 24 more facts that you will definitely regret reading.

1.The US president at any given time has absolute authority to launch nuclear weapons.

Joe Biden
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He doesn't personally carry out the order, but as long as it's verified as authentic, people basically have to follow through.


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2.Ever wondered what happens when someone dies on an airplane?

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Well, it turns out they're usually kept in their seat or moved to the back row if there's room.

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3.Last time, we talked about how cruise ships have morgues. Well, guess what? They also have jails.

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4.50% of American unhoused people were in the foster care system at one point.

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5.And 25% of foster kids experience homelessness within two to four years of turning 18.

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6.You may have read in the last post about human zoos — well, they still (kind of) exist. There was an episode of An Idiot Abroadwhere they visited a faux village of people with dwarfism who perform and interact with tourists.

the "dwarf village"

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There's been a bunch of controversy about whether or not The Kingdom of The Little People is in fact a human zoo — inhabitants are paid — but it certainly sounds similar to past "human zoos."

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7.The Romans were notorious for gruesome execution methods. Perhaps the worst (alleged) method was called scaphism, where a person was fed and covered in honey, put in a swamp, and slowly eaten alive by maggots and worms.


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8.Another ancient Rome fact: "During the late Roman Republic, one of the richest men in Rome, Marcus Licinius Crassus, used to own a team of firefighters (there was no dedicated firefighter service at the time). If your building was burning, he would offer to buy the building. If you agreed, he put out the fire. If not, his team of firefighters just left and let the building burn."


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