RCMP entered home while family slept, started questioning 11_freckle removal doctors

RCMP entered home while family slept, started questioning 11-year-old, says motherCortney Pike of Mount Moriah, N.L., says she awoke early Sunday morning to find police in her home and learned that they had questioned her young daughter about a missing girl.

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Cortney Pike says she awoke early Sunday to find police in her home

CBC News(Troy Turner/CBC)

After the officers finished speaking with the couple, Pike said, they walked up the street — leaving their vehicle in their driveway — and left a short time later.

Pike said she later learned that the missing girl had been reported found several hours before the police showed up at their home.

'What gives them the right?'

Pike went to the police detachment the next day looking for answers, and was told the officers were given permission to enter the home after knocking on doors and windows to no answer.

She disputes that claim, saying any kind of noise would have alerted their dog, Bear.

WATCH | Cortney Pike describes what happened in her home early Sunday morning: 

We woke up to find police in our home, N.L. woman says

13 hours agoDuration 3:02Cortney Pike tells CBC's Troy Turner how her family awoke early Sunday morning to find RCMP officers in their house

"They would have had to sneak through this house for my dog not to bark. Creep up over those stairs. Because he barks at everything," Pike said.

"If you had knocked on our door, we would have answered and you could have searched everywhere.… They shouldn't have asked [Nevaeh] anything without a parent being present."

Pike says the police also told her they came to her home after receiving a report of the missing girl being seen in a red house on the street. She said there are multiple red houses on her street, including one across from her home, but none of their neighbours had any dealings with police on Sunday.

The RCMP would not answer questions about the incident but provided a statement to CBC News on Tuesday.

Pike disputes the RCMP's claim that officers tried knocking on their doors and windows to get their attention, saying any noise would have been heard by their dog, Bear.News|Corrections and Clarifications


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