Trump Lawyer Jenna Ellis Mocked For Calling Simone Biles, Megan Rapinoe 'Losers'_electric freckle removal machine


Trump Lawyer Jenna Ellis Mocked For Calling Simone Biles, Megan Rapinoe 'Losers'

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  • Simone BilesSimone BilesAmerican Olympic gymnast
  • Megan RapinoeMegan RapinoeLiveTodayTomorrowvs--|
  • Jenna EllisAmerican lawyer
  • Donald TrumpDonald Trump45th President of the United States

If people in glass houses shouldn’t stones, then maybe attorneys who lose 63 election lawsuits shouldn’t refer to athletic champions as “losers.”

But Jenna Ellis, a lawyer for Donald Trump’s failed reelection campaign who helped push his election lies in court, apparently didn’t get that memo, based on a tweet she posted Thursday night.

Ellis was apparently miffed at two of President Joe Biden’s choices to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Thursday: Olympic gymnast Simone Biles and World Cup-winning soccer star Megan Rapinoe.

So, in the current GOP spirit of being automatically and arbitrarily against anything connected with Biden no matter how little connection it has to actual policy, Ellis took to Twitter to gripe that the nation’s highest civilian honor was being given to two champion athletes.

However, in her breathless effort to score culture war points, Ellis made a serious factual error by referring to Biles and Rapinoe as “losers.”

Fittingly, Biden awarded his presidential medals to fellow losers, Biles and Rapinoe.

— Jenna Ellis (@JennaEllisEsq) July 8, 2022

Twitter users quickly noted that Biles and Rapinoe each have a boatload of achievements while Ellis has a series of election suit losses, not to mention accusations of ethics violations.

Biles responded with a championship burn of her own.

who is Jenna Ellis? Asking for everyone

— Simone Biles (@Simone_Biles) July 8, 2022

Oh, and many couldn’t help but bring up Ellis’ unfortunate experience of being next to Rudy Giuliani during his infamous court fart.

Simone Biles won 19 World Championship Golds, 4 Olympic Golds and is the most decorated gymnast in US history. Megan Rapinoe won 2 World Cups, an Olympic Gold and was named Best Player in the World in 2019.

You lost 63 lawsuits and got farted on by Rudy Giuliani.

— Fred Wellman (@FPWellman) July 8, 2022

Between them, Biles and Rapinoe have won more gold medals and world championships than you have ethics complaints and disbarment petitions filed against you, and that's saying something.

— Greg Pinelo (@gregpinelo) July 8, 2022

Biles has the most OLYMPIC(WORLD COMPETITION) gold medals in US gymnastics.

Rapinoe, Winner of the Ballon d'Or Féminin and named The Best FIFA Women's Player in 2019

Stupid people are too dumb to know they are actually stupid.

Can you still TASTE Rudi's fart?

— Uche Nwaneri The Observant Lineman🇺🇦♎ #Snydercut (@Chukwu77) July 8, 2022

calling two of the most accomplished athletes in US history "losers" is what I'd call a "reach," jenna

— Adam the dont stare directly at the sun worm (@trislerstudz) July 8, 2022

Simone Arianne Biles won seven Olympic medals.

Megan Anna Rapinoe won gold at the 2012 Olympics, 2015 World Cup, and 2019 World Cup.

Jenna Ellis lost her traffic lawyer job, and 63 lawsuits as part of Giulliani's 2020 "elite strike force team".

— Morten Øverbye (@morten) July 8, 2022

Losers work with Giuliani and try to overturn elections. Losers try to turn the Constitution into a dishrag. Losers can't even win in traffic court.

— Mike Lupica (@MikeLupica) July 8, 2022

Weren't you fired from traffic court for being too incompetent a lawyer for the simplest and least consequential of all possible positions in the legal field?

— Dylan Brody (he/him) (@dylanbrody) July 8, 2022

Rapinoe and Biles have five Olympic gold medals combined. You worked on a legal team that lost 63 election cases in a row and couldn't spell the word "district."

— Mike Rothschild (@rothschildmd) July 8, 2022

Jenna Ellis chose the young Black girl and the out proud lesbian.. she’s attacking inappropriate womanhood

She’ll make shit up if she needs and back fill . And y’all need to get on the stick

— 🗽Sydette Cosmic Dreaded Gorgon 🇬🇾 (@Blackamazon) July 8, 2022

Others let photos do the talking.


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