A couple spent $300,000 building a hidden underground home that you can enter by going down a 12_freckle removal machine


A couple spent $300,000 building a hidden underground home that you can enter by going down a 12-foot spiral slide — tucked inside an unassuming tent

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Treehouses of Serenity: Alchemy
Inside this tent in Asheville, North Carolina, a concealed slide inside leads to an underground home.Maxwell Wyndorf
  • Caroline and Mike Parrish built an Airbnb resembling a tent with a hidden 12-foot slide.

  • The slide in the Asheville, North Carolina, Airbnb — called "Alchemy" — leads to an underground home.

  • The couple's company Treehouses of Serenity builds unique accommodations in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Mike and Caroline Parrish, married 16 years, own a vacation treehouse community near the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina.

Treehouses of Serenity
Caroline Parrish (left) and Mike Parrish (right) of Asheville, North Carolina.Courtesy of Mike and Caroline Parrish

The Parrishes launched their company, Treehouses of Serenity, which builds unique travel destinations along the Blue Ridge Mountains in Asheville, North Carolina, in 2016. They've built seven properties so far — including the whimsical "Wizard's Hollow" and "The Perch" that's an elevated treehouse — on land they initially didn't know what to do with, they told Insider.

"We were sitting around watching 'Treehouse Masters' one night and Caroline said, 'Why don't we try an Airbnb treehouse because it's Asheville and it's such a cool little town?'" Mike, 65, told Insider.

"We started talking about it in 2015," Caroline, 45, said. "And at that point, the thought was just traditional treehouses, but it's evolved from there."

The couple later appeared on season two of DIY Network's "The Treehouse Guys" and built their first treehouse, "Sanctuary." They completed their newest addition, "Alchemy," an underground house with a hidden slide, this February.

The Parrishes began building "Alchemy" in August 2021 and officially opened it to Airbnb guests in February 2022.

Treehouses of Serenity: Alchemy
Treehouses of Serenity built "Alchemy" (pictured), an Airbnb hidden beneath a camping tent.Maxwell Wyndorf

Mike told Insider they were inspired to build "Alchemy" during a Pinterest search when they stumbled upon a photo of an underground bunker. The couple wanted to create an unexpected entrance for the underground home, so they settled on a camping tent.

"We thought, how cool would it be to have a tent sitting there and people pull up and think, what in the world is going on here?" he said of building the underground home. "And then they come into the tent and find the slide."


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