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Secret Service agent sent home from Israel after alleged "physical encounter"

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Jerusalem — A member of the U.S. Secret Service was sent back to the United States from Israel on Monday after he was allegedly involved in a "physical encounter" in Jerusalem and briefly detained by Israeli police, the agency said.

A Secret Service spokesman on Wednesday said in a statement to CBS News that the agency was informed of the encounter late Monday, and the agent, who was working in Israel, was "briefly detained and questioned by Israeli police, who released him without charges."

Four people who were told about the altercation had more details about the agent's night.

A male off-duty Secret Service agent was with other agents on Monday night at a Jerusalem bar. A woman at the bar interacted with the agent and an argument ensued. During the altercation, the agent shoved the woman, according to the three sources.

The woman involved was not injured, the sources said, but she called the Israeli police to report the agent.

Israeli police took the agent into custody and notified the U.S. Embassy in Israel, which contacted U.S. Secret Service headquarters, according to the three sources.

The agent involved was a member of the Counter Assault Team, a heavy weapons tactical unit of Secret Service that assists the Presidential Protective Division, according to a source familiar with the matter.

This Counter Assault Team is usually deployed ahead of high-profile presidential trips.

"The employee has returned to the United States," the Secret Service also said. "In accordance with agency protocol, his access to Secret Service systems and facilities was suspended pending further investigation."

Two people informed of the incident said alcohol was involved. Another person familiar with internal investigation told CBS News the Secret Service is investigating whether the agent was intoxicated. This source also said the agent was expected to explain what happened to the Secret Service as early as Wednesday.


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