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'Mayhem at Lake George': Multiple Arrests After Fight at Florida Boat Party

Police said they made multiple arrests and issued “several citations and warnings” after a brawl broke out at the “Mayhem at Lake George” boat party in Volusia County, Florida, on Saturday, May 7.

The sheriff’s office released this footage showing a group of men fighting, with officers heard commenting that someone looked “unconscious” and was “bleeding heavily from the face.”

Fox 35 Orlando said Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood confirmed that around 12 people were arrested, and that “most of them were for alleged boating DUIs, but some were for the fight.”

The “Mayhem at Lake George” Facebook event page describes the party as a “huge floatilla [sic]/gathering on the Juniper sandbar,” with no tickets required.

A man was medically evacuated from the lake after the fight, according to local news reports. Credit: Volusia Sheriff’s Office via Storyful

Video Transcript

- See, you all? We got a fight going on at the bar. All right. The DJ deck has about four or five males fighting.

- All right, are you in the middle of all this, Juniper?

- Yep, we're on the crowd where people are standing.

- All right. Why don't you to do a little hover and get it dispersed.

- 10-4. I got one guy who's pretty bloodied up.

- All right.

- I don't have much effect. There's still two of them still trying to go at each other.

- You need to come across that left.

- You're gonna need rescue. You got one guy on the deck looks like he's unconscious, bleeding heavily from the face.

- All right, we'll get rescue, probably floating over.

- Yeah, he's unconscious. Large guy on the DJ deck. A lot of blood coming from the head and face.

- Hi. I'm Steve, brother. I've Steve.

- Good step. Good step. Easy.

- Just have a seat.

- Easy.

- Have a seat, man. Have a seat. There you go.


- Pull it all the way out. There you go.


OK, let's go.

- Guys, go to the right. [INAUDIBLE]

- All right, thanks, brother.


- You good? Guys, that way. Let's go. Let's go.


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