Putin's speech at a parade in Moscow showed that the Russian dictator is looking for ways out of the_does q switch laser remove hair

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  • Vladimir PutinVladimir PutinPresident of Russia
Putin speaks on the Red Square in Moscow on May 9
Putin speaks on the Red Square in Moscow on May 9

NV: Did you see Putin's speech today at the so-called victory parade? And if so, how do you assess it?

Reitschuster: He once said that a Chekist has a language not to express what he thinks, but to hide what he thinks. And there, of course, was a complete lie again. He used to say that he was liberating Ukraine from the Nazis, that Ukraine would attack, but now there were completely different goals here. The West was to blame for all this.

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Everything is as usual, but it's very important that there is no mobilization and that he, I think, has already realized that something is wrong, and that he (needs some sort of) exit. I was afraid that (the speech) would be more militant, that it would be a full mobilization now, and we would come to a final victory. But maybe he somehow realized that it was worth leaving that out. I hope so, but of course we can't say that 100%.

NV: Did I understand correctly that, perhaps, he has prepared a way to retreat? That is, not to declare war, which (the Russians) are already beginning to suspect that they are losing?

Reitschuster: He no longer claimed that he would liberate the whole of Ukraine from the Nazis. And suddenly it's only about eastern Ukraine. That is, it's still a verbal step back. But we must keep in mind that Putin is a Chekist, as I say, and this may be another deception. Maybe he wants to blunt (Ukraine’s) vigilance.

That is, we must always take this into account. But still, most likely, he is preparing such a path to retreat, which does not mean that he will follow this path, but it's a fact that he's preparing the path for himself. We don't know yet whether this is another trick or a hoax. But let's agree, it's better than if he announced full mobilization, or said "we will press on," "we will reach Lviv." In this terrible situation, at least we have just heard not the worst option.


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