I've been on 108 cruises. Here are 11 mistakes passengers should avoid making._freckle removal youtube


I've been on 108 cruises. Here are 11 mistakes passengers should avoid making.

Robert L. Willett·7 min read
robert l willett posing for a photo on the deck of a cruise ship in front of blu skies
I've been on 108 cruises.Robert L. Willett
  • I've been on 108 cruises, so I know which common mistakes passengers should avoid making.

  • Sunburns and hangovers can make your vacation less enjoyable.

  • Your balcony likely isn't as private as you think, so be mindful of what you do and say on it.

As someone who's been on 108 cruises, I consider myself an experienced cruiser.

Almost all of my voyages have been with my wife of 63 years, Donna, but I now face the future without her guidance and companionship.

Over the years, we've put together some thoughts to share with future travelers. Finally, I've compiled the pieces of advice we thought were standouts, particularly about what not to do while cruising.

Don't get sunburned on your first clear day at sea

If you're from Chicago and it's February, you'll likely head for the lido deck and the pool the minute you see the sun.

While relaxing on the deck for hours and drinking in the warmth, you may simultaneously be destroying your next few days with a sunburn. Be sure to protect yourself from the sun.

You shouldn't be barefoot in the public bathrooms

Generally, it's best not to go barefoot outside your cabin unless you're on the lido deck. There are too many floor hazards that you can avoid by just wearing sandals or flip-flops.

The public restrooms are no different.

Cruise bathrooms are regularly maintained and usually spotless, but that doesn't make the floor resistant to bacteria or germs, so wear your footies.

Though it may seem so, your balcony probably isn't that private

Cruise balcony with blue chairs over looking blue water
Other passengers may be able to see and hear what you're doing on your balcony.Lucy Clark/Shutterstock

Thanks to their ingenious design, many ships' cabin layouts can make private balconies visible from the desk above or curved halls, even though this might not be noticeable to you.

Even if you have a secluded balcony safely tucked away from prying eyes, sound carries. The noises you create will be heard by others, or vice versa.

So watch the content of your conversations and be discreet in your behavior.

It's not worth trying to disguise liquor and sneak it on board


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