Sheriff: Alabama inmate, jailer were prepared for a shootout_freckle removal grow back


The murder suspect and his jailer who evaded authorities for more than a week after walking out of an Alabama lockup were carrying $29,000 in cash, four handguns and an AR-15 rifle and were prepared for a shootout when they were captured, an Indiana sheriff said Tuesday.

The escaped convict Casey White showed no remorse over the death of jail official Vicky White, who was found mortally wounded with a gun in her hand on Monday after a brief car chase, Vanderburgh County Sheriff Dave Wedding said. Authorities don't believe Casey White shot Vicky White, but a coroner will make the final determination, he said.

Casey White, 38, surrendered without a fight, saying he didn’t kill the woman he called his wife. He appeared by video Tuesday in an Indiana courtroom where he waived extradition, and authorities said he'll be swiftly sent back to Alabama.

The end of the manhunt did little to answer lingering questions surrounding the jailbreak: Why would a long-respected jail official on the eve of her retirement give up everything to help a dangerous felon escape? What did they do while they evaded authorities for roughly eleven days? And when they were finally surrounded, did she really pull the trigger to end her own life?

Vicky White, 56, was pronounced dead at a hospital on Monday after the Cadillac she was driving was pushed by U.S. Marshals task force members into a ditch where it ended up on its side, the sheriff in Evansville, Indiana said. They were nearly 300 miles (480 kilometers) from the Alabama jail where he had been awaiting trial for capital murder.

An attorney representing White in that case, Jamy Poss, declined comment Tuesday, saying he was still trying to find out what had happened in Indiana.

NBC's “Today” show reported Tuesday that federal marshals said Casey White told officers at the scene, “Please help my wife. She just shot herself in the head and I didn’t do it.” The two Whites were not related, let alone married, officials said.


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