How Life Became a ‘Living Hell’ for the Woman Who Found Camping Couple’s Corpses_laser freckle removal on arms

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The woman who last summer discovered the bodies of a newlywed couple in Moab, Utah says that police told her recently they had begun to doubt her story—until Wednesday night, when authorities publicly identified someone else as a suspect.

In the meantime, Cindy Sue Hunter lived in constant dread of being framed for something she didn’t do, and became a pariah in her neighborhood, she told The Daily Beast on Thursday.

Hunter, 64, found the remains of Kylen Schulte, 24, and Crystal Beck, 38, in the La Sal Mountains four days after they vanished last August. The two, who had earlier told friends about being spooked by a “creepy” guy they encountered while camping in the area, had been shot to death. The shocking double homicide made national headlines and set Moab’s 5,200 residents on edge. It was an especially unbearable loss for Schulte’s parents, who had already lost a teenage son to gunfire in 2015.

Hunter first met Schulte the following year, and had become friendly with her father, Sean-Paul. After the two went missing, Hunter said she became frustrated with what she viewed as a lackadaisical search-and-rescue effort by law enforcement. So, she went off to look for the women on her own.

Hunter started at the McDonald’s where Beck worked, and where she and Schulte parked their camper van. As she told The Daily Beast at the time, Hunter “wanted to feel their energy and get a sense of where they were.” She then drove up to the mountains, driving around for several hours while “talking out loud to the girls, begging them to give me a sign.” As she wound her way through the wilderness, Hunter described feeling something she couldn’t quite explain.

“When I went to turn on Lake Warner, I don’t want to say I had voices in my head, but I was told to ‘Go straight and hurry,’” she said. “It just kept repeating. I’m going toward Sand Flats Road, and out of the corner of my eye I saw a flash of silver through the trees and I saw a campsite down a tricky little side road. Very easy to miss. And that’s when I found their car.”


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