What The Kids in the Hall did after their CBC_laser freckle removal downtime

What The Kids in the Hall did after their CBC-TV show endedIn the years since their sketch comedy show ended on CBC in 1995, the troupe has had varied careers and reunited again for a new TV series.

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Members of the comedy troupe went in different directions after their sketch comedy show wrapped

CBC Archives(Nathan Denette/The Canadian Press)

The Kids in the Hall are back yet again.

The comedy troupe – Dave Foley, Bruce McCulloch, Mark McKinney, Kevin McDonald and Scott Thompson – is back on TV screens in 2022. A new Amazon Prime series is set to debut on May 13

"We just have always been together — even when we don't see each other for a long time, we just fall right back into it," Thompson told CBC News in April. "It's like family. Family you like."

In 1995, after five seasons, their eponymous sketch comedy TV show on CBC came to an end. Even as they all pursued different careers, none of the Kids abandoned the group. 

CBC was often there to report on what they were up to. Here are just a few examples.   

They acted in their own movie

Scott Thompson and Mark McKinney

26 years agoDuration 4:39Two members of The Kids in the Hall join the CBC's On the Arts in 1996 upon the release of the group's feature film Brain Candy.4:39

Two years after they left the small screen, The Kids in the Hall jumped to the big screen in their own movie, Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy. While promoting the film, members Mark McKinney and Scott Thompson spoke to David Gilmour of CBC's On the Arts in April 1996.

"The idea that we've made a movie that has commercial viability is considered almost taboo to Canadians," Thompson said during the interview, part of which is seen in the above video.. 

Since leaving the Kids, Thompson had gone to Los Angeles for a role in HBO's The Larry Sanders Show

The premise of the film Brain Candyconcerned the invention and widespread popularity of an antidepressant called Gleemonex. In a review, the Globe and Mail said the film was "no more than a battered chocolate box full of assorted comic nuggets" but noted "the humour is still anarchic, gender-bending, and anti-sentimental."   

In the same interview, McKinney told Gilmour about one of the things he'd been up to since the Kids' TV show ended but before they filmed Brain Candy 

"I was the only one that wanted to do another year," said McKinney. "And that's probably why I wound up on Saturday Night Live, because as a character comedian … to be able to do two or three characters in a show, that's glorious for me."

They regrouped for a tour 

Dave Foley and Kevin McDonald and Ralph Benmergui

22 years agoDuration 5:02The CBC's Ralph Benmergui talks to two members of the Kids in the Hall as they prepare for a 2000 reunion tour.5:02

By 2000 Dave Foley had been back on TV with the NBC sitcom NewsRadio, which lasted four seasons. Kevin McDonald had also done "a little bit" of work in TV, said the CBC's Ralph Benmergui in a recap of what the Kids had been up to since their TV show. 

But when the pair spoke to Benmergui for CBC's On the Artsin January 2000, they were preparing for what host Laurie Brown called "a major North American tour."

"We all missed the fun of doing live shows together," explained Foley. "But then when we got together again, everyone sort of recognized that we make each other laugh in a way that, you know, doesn't happen with other people."

Foley said the Kids were also planning to film a documentary of the tour.

"It's kind of an experiment to see what happens," he said. "We'll either document the rebirth of the group or the last time we ever work together."

Bruce became a director   

Bruce McCulloch on Jonovision

22 years agoDuration 3:10In 2000, Bruce McCulloch of Kids in the Hall appears on the CBC program Jonovision to talk about his post-Kids career as a movie director and working with the group again.When Front Page Challenge had never heard of the Barenaked Ladies


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