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The body of Tristyn Bailey, 13, a seventh-grader at Patriot Oaks Academy in Saint Johns, was discovered Sunday, May 9, 2021, hours after her family was reported her missing. She was stabbed 114 times.

Aiden Fucci, who was 14 at the time of her death, has been arrested on a first-degree murder charge in the death of Tristyn. His trial is expected to begin in November.

The Tristyn Bailey case:How a community knitted together by tragedy supported a family in grief

What happened to Tristyn Bailey?: Records detail the night she was killed

Following is a timeline of events in the case:

Saturday, May 8, 2021

11:45 p.m.:Bailey family returns home after an evening out for a celebration.

Around midnight:Tristyn Bailey last seen by a sibling and was supposed to be sleeping in her bedroom.

Tristyn Bailey at about age 13.
Tristyn Bailey at about age 13.

Sunday, May 9

12:30 a.m.:Video shows Tristyn walking in the neighborhood.

1:14 a.m.:Two people, believed to be Tristyn Bailey and Aiden Fucci, were seen walking together.

1:45 a.m.:Video evidence from a home shows Tristyn and Aiden walking east on Saddlestone Drive.

3:30 a.m.: Video from the same home shows a person believed to be Aiden heading in opposite direction alone, carrying white Nike shoes. Moments, later, video shows Aiden entering his home carrying white Nike shoes.

10 a.m.:Tristyn's mother calls 911 to report the teen missing and neighbors begin to search the area. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement joins search.

4:49 p.m.:Florida Missing Child Alert issued for Tristyn.

6:06 p.m.:A resident who had been on a run called to report a dead body in the woods east of the cul-de-sac on Saddlestone Drive. After identifying the body as Tristyn's, St. Johns County Sheriff's Office calls off the search.

8 p.m.:Sheriff's office announces body found and preliminarily identified as Tristyn Bailey.

Sheriff: Tristyn Bailey's death was 'horrific, brutal murder of a 13-year-old child'

8:49 p.m.:Aiden and his parents are placed in a St. Johns County Sheriff's Office interview room.


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