Authorities "close" to finding missing mom's body; charges against husband dismissed_freckle removal tips in urdu

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[This story originally aired on January 22, 2022. It was updated on April 30.]

Nearly two years after Suzanne Morphew, a mother of two, disappeared on Mother's Day, authorities say they are "close to discovering the victim's body" but need to wait for snowpack to melt. Meanwhile, the judge dismissed murder charges against her husband Barry Morphew.

Investigators have followed bizarre clues—a chipmunk alibi, a tranquilizer gun, and a spy pen but lack direct evidence.

Suzanne Morphew / Credit: Suzanne Morphew/Facebook
Suzanne Morphew / Credit: Suzanne Morphew/Facebook

Investigators noticed Barry's cell phone appeared to be pinging all around his house on Mother's Day weekend 2020, which he maintains was because he was chasing and shooting at chipmunks. Investigators also found a plastic cap for a syringe that they believe was used to load a tranquilizer dart in the couple's dryer. Barry, investigators say, told them he didn't know how the cap got there, but admitted he was an experienced tranquilizer dart gun shooter. The cap, however, did not contain any of Barry's DNA. Investigators also found a spy pen right out of a James Bond movie that was able to capture and record conversations. The pen captured several intimate conversations between Suzanne Morphew and a secret lover. Investigators also uncovered DNA on the glovebox of Suzanne Morphew's Range Rover, which traced back to an unknown male connected to three sexual assaults.

But prosecutors arrested Barry Morphew for first-degree murder even though Suzanne's body was never found. He pleaded not guilty.

What really happened to Suzanne Morphew? Barry talked to investigators dozens of times, but they believe he knows more than he's saying.

"When something like this happens … when somebody goes missing … you want answers," Aya Gruber, a law professor at the University of Colorado and a former defense attorney, tells "48 Hours" correspondent Peter Van Sant. "But this case is incredibly unique … when you started to dig a little bit deeper. Nothing is what it seems."


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