Why Prince Harry is raising eyebrows again_freckle removal natural remedy

Why Prince Harry is raising eyebrows againPrince Harry may have stepped back from official royal duties, but the sixth in line for the throne hasn't stepped back from stirring controversy and sparking headlines.

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6th in line for throne stirred controversy with remarks after visiting with Queen Elizabeth

Janet Davison · CBC News(Tim Rooke/Getty Images)

"It complicates Harry and Meghan's plans going forward, that on the one hand they're interested in a greater degree of independence, but in terms of the public, it's Harry's royal connections and his conflict with his family which make him a person of interest."

As the NBC interview showed, some of that interest recently has focused intently on whether he, Meghan and their children will be in England for the Jubilee celebrations in a few weeks. The Queen has yet to meet their younger child, daughter Lilibet, who will have her first birthday during the Jubilee weekend in early June. And if they do go, to what extent might they participate in various events, including the high-profile family appearance on the balcony of Buckingham Palace?

"This is a big milestone moment, and I think [Queen Elizabeth] wants all of her family up on that balcony," said Nicholl.

Other interest in what Harry says is likely to arise around his expected memoir and whether it will arrive on schedule later this year.

"Harry and Meghan have a number of projects on the go and not all of them have unfolded as quickly as expected," said Harris, "so there's going to be interest in what he does with this memoir and what aspects of his life that he focuses on the most."

As much as there is a public spotlight on him now, that could change with time, something history suggests might be a possibility.

WATCH | Prince Harry raises some eyebrows over remarks after visiting Queen:

Prince Harry’s remarks on Queen visit raises some eyebrows

12 days agoDuration 2:01In an interview with NBC, Prince Harry says he wants to make sure his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, has 'the right people around her.' His comment caught the attention of some, including royal commentator Katie Nicholl, who called it a snub to Prince Charles and Prince William.(Submitted by Katie Armstrong-Lestrange)

The trip, which is part of efforts to mark the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, will see Charles and Camilla undertake a number of engagements that focus on areas of personal interest and public priority, ranging from Indigenous issues and climate change to literacy and help for survivors of domestic violence. 

"The Prince of Wales has long believed that we need to learn from Indigenous peoples around the world how better we should live in and care for nature and the planet," Clarence House said in a news release. 

WATCH | Itinerary set for Charles and Camilla's visit to Canada:

Prince Charles, Camilla finalize plans for Canadian royal tour

6 days agoDuration 2:02As part of the Queen’s Platinum Jubliee celebration, Prince Charles and Camilla will start their three-day Canadian trip in St. John’s on May 17. The prince has promised to learn more from Indigenous peoples during the trip, which includes plans to meet with residential school survivors.News|Corrections and Clarifications


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