'Secrets of Playboy' details alleged 'underground system' of 'shadow mansions'_freckle removal doctors

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'Secrets of Playboy' details alleged 'underground system' of 'shadow mansions'

On a new episode of Secrets of Playboy, Jennifer Saginor, the daughter of Dr. Mark Saginor, who was Hugh Hefner's personal doctor and best friend, continued to share her horrifying story.

According to Jennifer, men from within Hefner's inner circle created what were known as "Shadow Mansions," mini mansions that housed girls who didn't make the cut to be a Playmate.

Jennifer explained, "My father and the inner circle from Playboy created clones of the Playboy Mansion on a smaller scale to sort of lure these young girls in. It was very predatory. These young girls have no idea what's gonna hit them next."

As time went on, many other men from Hefner's inner circle from Playboy, who wanted to emulate Hef's lifestyle, created their own shadow mansion, which became very popular in the '90s, due to Hefner marrying Kimberley Conrad, thus hosting less "orgy parties" at the mansion.

Jennifer said women who were considered "sevens" or "eights," who did not make it into the Playboy mansion with the "nines or tens", were shuffled into one of the mini mansions, where they would live and become prey for powerful, wealthy men.

Jennifer also revealed, "I just remember walking in on them and being, like, horrified. These girls were clearly drugged and not coherent. Maybe they would also have somebody, like, videotaping them, and then that videotape could be used as blackmail, so they wouldn't tell anyone or so that they'd sort of fall into this underground system of being available. Basically, any powerful, wealthy man in Los Angeles who was on the guest list to attend the mini-mansion parties was given an opportunity to spend time with particular girls. 'Spending time with her' is code for 'Having sex with her.' I think many of the girls stayed in the mini-mansion system because they were scared of being blackmailed with videotapes."

Jennifer eventually moved into her father's shadow mansion, where she would witness horrifying things and discover that even she wasn't safe from the predatory behavior.


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