Your horoscope for the week ahead: A solar eclipse in Taurus will help to reveal new goals_freckle removal cream korea

Your horoscope for the week ahead: A solar eclipse in Taurus will help to reveal new goalsLove and money will also flow with ease when Venus conjuncts Jupiter in sensitive Pisces.

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Love and money will also flow with ease when Venus conjuncts Jupiter in sensitive Pisces

Bryanna Collier · CBC Life ·

Speak your desires into existence and you may be able to manifest some exciting new prospects this week, when communication-ruling Mercury forms a sextile with lucky Jupiter on Wednesday. This transit also offers the perfect landscape to branch out and make new friends. Share your positive mindset and beautiful things will begin to appear in your world.

Then on Thursday, chatty Mercury forms a trine with Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth. If you've been waiting to ask someone for a favour, this is an ideal time to put in your request. It's also an excellent transit for studying a new subject or getting in touch with a side of yourself that's typically kept hidden. 

You'll be encouraged to let go of what is no longer serving you on Friday, as transformative Pluto stations retrograde in practical Capricorn. This revealing transit can help us examine repeating patterns so we can understand how to release ourselves from their grasp. Take time to reflect on your relationship with power and control, and how you can better support your spiritual side during this retrograde. 

On Saturday, we're greeted with our first solar eclipse of the year. The sun will oppose the new moon in a partial eclipse in dependable Taurus, helping to bring our awareness to our personal desires, as well as changes that may be happening outside of our control. Favourable aspects to Venus, Jupiter, Mars and Uranus will complement this event, indicating a positive shift may be afoot. The secret here will be to go with the flow and enjoy a little indulgence.

Love connections will also be strong on Saturday, as romantic Venus conjuncts Jupiter in sensitive Pisces. Flirt, socialize and have fun under this cosmic influence — even money matters will flow with ease.

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, April 25, 2022.


You're at the beginning of an exciting new journey, Aries. Consider your long-term goals this week, and start to make a plan that will help you take tiny steps toward achieving them. If you make smart yet simple tweaks to your routine, you'll have the opportunity to embrace a path that can lead to a brighter future. Find inspiration by looking inward and opening your awareness. When it comes to romantic matters, you're looking to be challenged this week. You'll be in the mood to flirt, no matter your relationship status. 


You've got the gift of persuasion, Taurus. Thanks to a seemingly magical combination of charisma and luck, you typically find it easy to negotiate and win others to your side in financial conversations. This week, you're invited to reflect on how you communicate with loved ones. Contemplate how you can break bad habits and move forward with grace. If you've been sleeping on a dream or fantastical goal, now is the time to act. Sow a seed you've been wanting to nurture and you'll reap the rewards.


Home is where the heart is, Gemini. To help solidify your foundations, invest time in family and show support to loved ones this week. This is an excellent time to discuss shared goals if you're in a relationship. Research new ways to organize your own schedule, too, and reflect on any responsibilities you feel you've grown out of to free up time for the next version of yourself. You have the opportunity now to plan for the future and make strides toward creating your ideal home base. Allow yourself to be open to multiple opportunities. 


It's possible to get to know yourself more fully, Cancer. By doing so, you'll be able to open your heart to new friends and strengthen existing relationships. So carve out time to enjoy a little escape this week. Update your favourite playlist or relax with a good book. You may find yourself attracted to different subjects, so don't hesitate to try out new hobbies. Using a practice like meditation can also help you to centre your emotions and balance your daily routine. 


Quench your creative thirst, Leo. If you're seeking fresh inspiration at work or in your side projects this week, you may want to get in touch with your inner artist. Take time to surround yourself with nature and delight your senses to help fuel your imagination. If you've been thinking of updating your space, or even looking at real estate, this could also be a good moment to make a significant change. Financial conversations will flow easily — just make sure to read all of the fine print before signing on the dotted line. 


You're always staying organized and optimized, Virgo. This week, you'll find a brilliant new way to achieve a balance between your professional and private lives. And if you've been trying to get a passion project off the ground, you may find you're able to sway others to help you with ease. But conversations around your cash flow could also pop up this week, helping you think differently about your finances. Make sure that your spending habits are sensible — it's easy to let money burn a hole in your pocket under the current planetary influence. 


It's time to live your truth, Libra. You have the chance, this week, to explore your spiritual side. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and have deep conversations with loved ones. Reconnect by escaping in nature, and choose to revitalize your body in ways that make you look forward to the experience — self-care shouldn't be a chore. If you've been sitting on a career goal, you've now got the means to achieve it if you can harness your energy and keep your eyes on the prize. Speak your mind to help manifest your dreams. 


Allow yourself to be surprised, Scorpio. You could be swept off your feet this week, thanks to the movements of your romantic planets. Single Scorpios should enjoy the ride, but remember to keep their heads out of the clouds. If you're in a relationship, have fun taking a little break from reality, and treat yourself and your partner. Blessings are in abundance when you open your heart, so adopting a mentality of wealth could take you far here. You're ready to step into the driver's seat when it comes to love matters. Enjoy the chase.


You're ready to hit your target, Sagittarius. It's a brilliant time to look ahead to the future and let your sharp mind plan effectively and efficiently to pursue your dreams. Focus on your routine and consider how you can make the most of your day. To help centre yourself, you might want to declutter your space. Remember that it's OK to enjoy a few nostalgic distractions as you unearth memories — you're making room for new ones to blossom. This week, you may also feel called to seek a higher purpose, so be sure to investigate any missions you feel a pull toward. 


You have a window of opportunity to reconnect with yourself, Capricorn. Making a habit of practicing mindfulness, this week, will help you flourish. Seek inspiration in unlikely places to nurture your creative side at work, or connect with your coworkers to start moulding a new project. This week also offers the chance to explore a new romance or level up your commitment if you're already in a relationship. You'll enjoy a burst of confidence — channel all this excited energy into your passions. 


Are you looking to upgrade your space, Aquarius? This week, you may find your attention turned toward your home. Work to keep your expectations realistic and stick to a budget as you navigate your options. Make sure to do your research before you dive in headfirst. Then, reflect on how you can improve the flow of your home to better support your own wellness. The goal is to create spaces where you can feel present in your body, to allow more light — both literal and metaphorical — into your life. Harmony should be your ultimate focus. 


New career possibilities are on the horizon, Pisces. You've got what it takes to see them come to fruition if you collect your energy and spend your time wisely. This week, your powers of persuasion will be amplified, allowing you to win the hearts and minds of others easily when it comes to your creative projects. Now is the time to ask for assistance if you need it. If you've been trying to convince your family of a bold idea, you'll be sure to earn their confidence, too. Use this week as a chance to strengthen your relationships, both personal and professional.

Bryanna Collier is an astrology and fashion writer. Her work focuses on astrology, personal style, and how the two intersect. Follow her work at The Star Crossed.


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